man-icon-FamilyI am writing to thank you for the help, support and advice you have given me in re-connecting with my daughter and dealing with the New Zealand Family Court to regain custody of her. Without your help I don’t believe I could have achieved such a favourable outcome.

From that first meeting at the coffee shop look how far we have come.

Your kindness and focus on my daughter’s physical safety and emotional needs
The supervised visits, which can be awkward and stressful became enjoyable to the point where we have missed you lately
My daughter asks after you, she made me drive a ‘kart’ as I didn’t have anyone to talk to0.

I pass on her best wishes and regards. I know you have your own family but you are now also a big part of ours. 
I look forward to seeing you again on the parenting course

Kind regard


man-icon-FamilyLes Williams from Family Heart has recently mediated a parenting/custody agreement between my ex wife and myself which was accepted in its entirety by the Judge presiding over our case which was before the courts. We had been going through a lengthy custody disagreement which had come to a standstill until Les was able to successfully mediate an agreement between us in a very short amount of time. His work was professional but at the same time he was very thoughtful to our personal circumstances and the issues that we were dealing with. Les has great interpersonal skills as well as a very unbiased and caring way of dealing with things while working with us and took the stress and worry out of what was a very tense situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Les to anyone in need of a mediator for parenting/custody matters.

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We’re back together now, couldn’t have done it without your awesome.

You’ve helped me get my life back on track, thank you so much.

It’s all finished in the Court now, thank you for all your support in helping me through

You’ve helped me so much, I’m back in a relationship, things are going well at work…

Without you I would not be seeing my children, thank you…

Everything is so much better for me and the children now.

Our case is over, thank you for all the support you have given me in so many ways..

"I can't stress how much your help has meant to me and how you have helped make the process of getting and having my girls back in my life as stress free as possible."