Coaching snipWhen  someone requests coaching, Les engages in a series of meetings, working with individuals to move their lives on towards the goals they set for themselves. The first meeting is free and aims to clarify a person’s current situation, their aims for the future and the appropriateness of coaching. All work is confidential and a brief contract is always signed at the outset to describe the work intended, its duration and the fees applicable. Following the normal six sessions further reinforcing sessions can be arranged if required.

Life Skills Coaching

Life skills coaching aims to support people to make positive change in their lives.  Clients are guided to identify key life areas that might be 'stuck' or missing and they learn strategies to move towards self identified life goals.

Utilising a range of well evidenced coaching techniques, Les works one to one with clients, on issues that they identify, over an agreed number of sessions. Follow up or reinforcer sessions can also be arranged if that is helpful. 

Examples of issues that coaching can help with include: low self confidence and assertiveness; poor self image; weight and fitness management and motivation, career development,  developing positive work environments, interpersonal skills and many more.   

Relationship Coaching

Les works with couples or individuals whose relationships are going through hard times.  The aim is work with people to listen, understand and help them look for ways to restore positive relationships. Where there are children involved, parents or carers are helped to understand how relationship breakdown affects the emotional wellbeing of the whole family.  

Sometimes reconciliation can happen and sometimes it can take a while.  How parents decide to go forward, the aim of the coaching is to support decisions to be made in the best interests of the family.

Coaching normally happens through one on one sessions with each party or sometimes only one party in the first instance. Information shared in sessions is not discussed with the other party but Les is able to use the knowledge of both sides to guide and support positive future directions for both sides.

Anger Management Coaching

Les works with people who sometimes find it hard to manage the angry emotions that go along with relationship breakdown. Without support, the behaviours that result from these difficult emotions can have a negative impact on family, work, personal lives.  The stress of the unresolved angry feelings are likely to have an effect on mental health and personal wellbeing.

The aim of the coaching is to increase emotional self awareness and understanding of the reasons and triggers for angry behaviour.  Strategies and techniques for developing self-management of angry emotions are considered over a series of one to one sessions.

As with life skills coaching, reinforcer sessions can be arranged on an ongoing basis if required.