Welcome to Family Heart Services

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to grow up as part of a loving family experiencing positive relationships with parents or carers. Sometimes families break down but Family Heart believes that parents and carers can work together to help children continue to have those positive family experiences.

Supervised Contact

We are accredited to facilitate separated parents to spend time with their children where there are difficulties with access

Parenting Support

We work with parents together or individually to help them find ways to support their children through times of stress

Psychology Services

We can offer advice and guidance around managing children's unhelpful behaviour  issues at home, in school or in the community.  This includes working with the child, parents, school staff and other professionals where appropriate

Court Support

We can provide support to parents navigating their way through the court process.  We don't give legal advice but can help people to understand the processes so they can make good decisions

Mediation Services

We have a qualified mediator to work through issues and find agreement between parents during times of stress or separation

Coaching and Training

We provide a range of coaching opportunities  for individuals and couples.  We  are also able to provide bespoke training or workshop facilitation on request

What our customers say

Everything is so much better for me and the children now.